Awards & Publications

  • After years in the scene, searching for new beats and sounds, DJ Luar|Ojo Fatuo has presented his CD, “Elektronika 2002” as well as other astounding feats. Pushing the limits of techno beyond the variant, DJ Luar is generating a musical portrait at a world-wide level. After conquering the Venezuelan scene and most of Europe, DJ Luar began his state-side series of presentations in Colorado in December of 2000, at venues such as “The Roots on the Hill”, “Seville” and “Sanctuary”.

    In addition, DJ Luar has produced television commercials with Etheron TV Services (Cisneros Corp.), performed in concerts such as the “Pop & Rock Festival”, Athenian Art Complex and Pirelli Hall in Caracas, Venezuela. To top it off, his skills have led him to the Big Screen, creating soundtracks for films “Three Monkeys” by Carmen L’Roche, participation in “The Incredible Kidnapping of a President” and short film “The Last Frankenstein”.

    With awards coming from all over the western hemisphere, fans in all 360 and radio signals on their way to distant galaxies, DJ Luar is on his way to becoming one of the world’s top music producer/DJs to ever sweep the scene, cinema or MP3 player.

    We’re proud of the following collection of DJ Luar’s accomplishments, however, the list goes beyond a web page…

  • “Best Techno DJ 2000” Pop & Rock Festival, 2000 Caracas, Venezuela
  • “Best DJ” and “Best Experimental Techno Band” Urbe Festival 1999-2000
    “5th Annual Short Film Festival Award” Canada, 2001 Short Film: “Three Monkeys”
    “Golden Tattoo” AwardSao Paolo, Brasil, 1999 for Original Soundtrack Short Film: “Three Monkeys”
    Cannes Festival Short Film Award France, 1999 Short Film: “Three Monkeys”
    Cannes Festival Short Film Selection France, 2006 for Original Soundtrack Short Film: “The Last Frankenstein”
  • Coors Light Brewery Testimonial Letter

    Dear Raul (AKA – DJ Luar),

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing at the Mana Reventon After Party in Denver on September 29, 2002. The party was a smashing success, due largely in part to your ability to create and sustain excitement with the crowd through the great music that you spun throughout the night. Over and over again we heard compliments from the crowd on how amazing the DJ was. We are confident that our party would not have been as cool without your performance!!
    Thanks again for your help in making Mana Reventon a sensation!!

    Coors LetterSincerely,
    Jessica L. Connolly
    Strategic Brand Manager
    Coors Distributing Company
    Denver, Colorado


    Sound Art University, Venezuela (May 1994 -1998) Degree in Sound Engineering, GPA: 3.80

    Roland Learning Center, Venezuela (May 1989 – May 1993) BS in Sound Engineering

    Production & Management Institute Show Business, Film & Video 1990

    Piano Lessons (1981 – 1987)

    Music History-Harmony-Piano Yamaha Institute (1985 – 1988) Juan Manuel Olivares School